How many places can you think of for using your personal brand photography?

If you get all 33 uses for personal brand photos you’re either in marketing, or you’ve already had at least one personal branding photo shoot, are totally on it and putting those photos to great use!

  1. Facebook header
  2. Facebook profile 
  3. Facebook posts 
  4. Facebook ads
  5. Instagram posts
  6. Instagram stories
  7. Linked in profile
  8. Linked in posts
  9. Twitter header
  10. Twitter profile
  11. Twitter posts
  12. Pinterest profile
  13. Pinterest graphics
  14. YouTube profile
  15. YouTube header
  16. YouTube video cover image
  17. Podcast graphics
  18. Blog posts
  19. Blog author profile
  20. Website contact page
  21. Website about page
  22. Website home page
  23. Website sales page
  24. Website landing pages
  25. Email opt in forms
  26. Email newsletters
  27. Email signature
  28. Press releases
  29. Media Kit
  30. Speaker profile
  31. Presentation slide decks
  32. Business card
  33. Brochures

That’s a lot of content, right? And a lot of contact points for you to shine!

Here’s an extra tip – frame your favourite photo and put it on your desk at home for the days you need to remember you’re the bomb. And, if you’re working from home… as a reminder to get out of your PJs!