The way we do business has switched. We’re over faceless monoliths that declare themselves the best from on high and expect us to purchase from them purely because they’re huge. Even big business has changed and now markets to us like they’re the friendly trader at the local farmers’ market. When you think about it, they’re trying to be you. A hard working individual, an entrepreneur, creator, small business.

It’s a noisy market out there and it’s not who shouts loudest that gets your attention, it’s who stands out while calmly drawing you in with their authentic charm. To convey your authenticity you need personal branding photography on your website and social media channels, and here are six reasons why.

1. Visual shorthand

In the deluge of words coming at us from all sides every day, it’s the strong images that stand out like a white sail on a blue horizon.

Your clients are as time strapped as you. Chances are they won’t read all the carefully crafted words on your website, but they will absorb the imagery and make instant decisions. In fact there’s a good chance they won’t read anything if the photos haven’t already grabbed their attention. 

Best l keep this short!

2. If you don’t invest in your business, why should I?

Would you buy a car from a business that was just a draughty warehouse building with a concrete forecourt and a till? No. You want to be finessed, you want to feel that you’re dealing with professionals who take pride in their product offering. Plush surroundings reassure you that the cars for sale are good quality.

Invest in your online real estate – your website and your social media.

3. People buy from people, not businesses

The online world is a very anonymous place, personal branding photography makes it, well, personal. Clients need to know who you are and like you before they’ll take a chance on investing in what you’re offering.

When Vivian walked back into that upmarket shop on Rodeo Drive, arms loaded with competitors’ wares, we all celebrated her “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.” moment. 

Not a Pretty Woman fan? What about Susan Boyle’s audition?

Good personal brand photographs show you, your talent and your business to your ideal client so that they don’t make a huge mistake by scrolling past you.

4. The law of attraction…and I don’t mean the woo woo kind

This is the difference between good quality professional headshots and good quality personal branding photography.

A good quality headshot is you on your best behaviour. There’s no depth to it. We learn nothing about you from a good headshot, other than knowing that you’re professional enough not to expect a selfie to do the job.

Good quality personal brand photos show who you are. If who you are syncs with your client, that’s half the work done. You can be business BFFs. 

How much more fun is it working with people you connect with than with a client who is just so different from you that every interaction drains the life out of you? Have you ever had to take a deep breath, prepare yourself and put on fake enthusiasm when your less-than-ideal client’s name pops up on your jangling mobile? 

Life’s too short and you work too hard for that.

5. Have you ever employed the wrong person?

Some people interview very well. Others not so much. Socially we’ve all met people who’ve put on a great show, but turned out to be just a great act, once we got to know them. We’ve all encountered scammers. So we’re wary of people. We know that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

By showing you and your values to your clients through personal branding photography, you remove their uncertainty. They get to know you via social media. If they think they might like you they go to your website. Seeing your visual message carried through to your website is what makes them get in touch.

Make it easy for future clients to trust you.

6. Show you’re the expert

You’ve got what your clients need, so show them. They need to know that they’re investing wisely.

By inviting your clients into your brand, showing them around your workplace, how you operate and what floats your boat, you give them added layers of assurance that you are indeed the expert they need.

It’s one thing to say you’re the jam for their Victoria sponge. Show it and they’ll believe you.


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