Hey there!

I’ll start with a confession….I’m not comfortable in front of the lens. Not enough practice I think. Behind the lens is my happy place!

I’m a portrait photographer, online photography trainer and a curator of memories. Telling stories and speaking volumes with photos is my favourite means of communication, and probably always has been.

I fell in love with photography aged 7, and 20 something years ago began my photography career by freelancing as a photographer’s assistant. I can’t believe how time flies!

Research and organisation are my Netflix. Seriously. And women are my speciality, which is why I love personal branding photography for (mainly female) business owners, as well as boudoir, and model photography. I just love the preparation that goes into designing a shoot to perfectly suit a woman and I get a kick out of the difference a strong set of on-brand images makes to a woman at the helm of her own enterprise.

My family and my photographs are my everything, so I also get the biggest buzz from photographing families.

Because I want everyone to have beautiful forever memories of the big moments, the small moments and the people they love the most, I also teach photography online, from absolute beginners with no clicking clue to intermediate and working professionals. If you’re into photography, you’ll love The Lens Lounge! Check it out –  www.thelenslounge.com

I’d love to photograph you, so please have a wander around my website – it took me ages to build! – and do get in touch.