I arranged to meet Olivia and Jonny at Brighton Pier for a sunset couple photo shoot on Brighton beach.  We walked along the beach towards the old pier until we found a spot near the water and not too close to fellow sunsetters.  It was a gorgeous evening for Brighton couple photography – warm, a slight breeze and a slowly setting golden sun.

What I love so much about Brighton couple photography is the vibe, people always out there soaking up life and enjoying themselves.  So, of course Brighton beach will always be busy, a lively, communal kind of busy.  When Jonny popped the cork on the bubbly a cheer went up around us, which was just so Brighton.  Loved it!

Sunset is the the most magical time of day and the light is just perfect for couple photography.  With a little direction from me we ended up with beautifully relaxed photographs and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

I’ve chosen three Sussex beaches for couple sunset shoots, because each beach offers something unique.  Brighton of course has the lovely old pier, which is great in the background of a photograph.  Bexhill at low tide is perfect for reflections on the sand.  Speaking of sand, the lovely sandy beaches of Camber Sands are made for romantic strolls and couple photography.

Just throw down a blanket, pop the cork on the bubbly and enjoy being a couple, getting close, cuddling, laughing and watching the sunset.

I don’t just do beach shoots for couples – romantic settings just perfect for couple photography are everywhere.  I’m always keen to discover new locations, so if you have a place in mind anywhere in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or London I’d love to hear about it.

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