I first met Rob and Jen five years ago when they were looking for a wedding photographer.  Their wedding was such a good day and yesterday was their fourth wedding anniversary.  Congratulations to an awesome couple!

Time flew by and I next saw them when they came to my studio when George was born and then again when Oliver was born.  So, it was truly amazing to spend time again with them all last week.

We were unbelievably lucky with the weather – absolutely perfect.  We met at Warnham Local Nature Reserve near Horsham, West Sussex, and spent 1.5 hours walking around, having fun and generally wearing ourselves out.  Oh, and in between we created beautiful family memories.

I’d never been to Warnham before – it was one of Jen’s suggestions as they are Horsham locals and the boys love the nature reserve.  I Google Earthed her suggestions (gotta love technology!) and chose Warnham Local Nature Reserve, because it offered so many great opportunities for beautiful family photography.  I figured out where in the nature reserve would be best for their family photo shoot and, as always, I arrived early to wander around and plan our route.  I feel that if a shoot is well planned everyone is relaxed and there is an easy, natural rhythm that comes about.

When I saw on the Warnham Local Nature Reserve website that there were a few bird hides, I knew exactly the photograph I wanted to get.  Fortunately, being the end of the day, the hide was empty as most of the bird watchers had packed up for the day.  And, ta-da, it worked out just as I planned!

Things must be climbed and fields must be explored.  That’s what childhood is all about.

From the moment I saw the boardwalk on the website, I couldn’t wait to get them all onto this stretch.  It was an ideal for photography…and great fun for the boys too!

Late afternoon / early evening is my favourite time to photograph families outdoors in summer.  The sun is low and the golden light is just magical.

What a great place in Horsham for family photography!

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