Meet Elizabeth. She is a very busy person!

She runs 2 blogs, has written 7 books, works and is a mom to two delightfully energetic boys. She needs to be super organised…so fortunately organisation is what she does. Very well!

Elizabeth is a project manager and writes on project management for women. She also runs courses on project management.

So she needs a strong online presence…and therefore personal branding photography.

We had a great day for her personal brand photo shoot in Horsham at a local co-working office and a superb coffee shop. You should try Chococo in Horsham town centre – super friendly and accommodating staff and crazy delicious menu full of chocolate!

But back to our personal brand photo shoot…

Being a project manager, Elizabeth was totally organised for the day so we were able to move quickly from one pre-arranged location to the next. The only factor that wasn’t locked down was the weather. The wind did present a few problems and I did have to do a fair bit of work afterwards in Photoshop to digitally tame Elizabeth’s hair, but you can’t control everything!

Elizabeth is also quirky and a lot of fun, which she wanted to bring across in her personal brand photos. Project management is a serious topic, but the personality behind the brand doesn’t have to be serious. So, we made sure to let her personality out for my “personality photo booth” – this is a part of every personal brand shoot that I do and offers a huge variety of personality packed photos in just 2 minutes of photography. These short videos I create with them are great for social media!



And here is a sample of the rest of the photo shoot…

If you’re anywhere near Horsham and in need of personal brand photography, my contact form is at the bottom. I’d love to hear from you!

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