Michelle runs a boutique marketing company, My Outsourced Marketing Team, that specialises in assisting busy, small, ethical businesses and social enterprises with their marketing. She is all about sustainability with a no-nonsense, get on with it kind of energy.

As a marketer, who also trains business owners how to use social media, Michelle knew she needed a personal branding shoot to reflect her authentic self and reach her ideal clients. If you need help with Facebook, she offers a fantastic online course that has helped me tremendously. The slight glitch was that she really, really, really does not like being in front of the camera.

So we designed Michelle’s personal branding shoot in London around what she loves, starting with where she feels happiest. The area around Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market is her “spiritual home” and she’s spent many happy hours mooching, shopping and socialising in the area. Michelle’s brand is colourful and fun, so graffiti was always going to feature, and she wanted a grounded feel to reflect her direct approach to everything she does and passion for the environment.

For Michelle it was essential that I kept the shoot light and fun, not stopping for too long anywhere. She needed to forget that this was actually all about taking photos of her. So we started out with a few of her working at home and then quickly headed out for the rest of the shoot. Given that she got distracted with some shopping along the way, I think we succeeded. It was after all Fashion Revolution Week at The Truman Brewery, with Po-Zu, her favourite shoes, hosting a pop up of sustainable brands!

It was a day of personal branding photography cleverly disguised as coffee, shopping, exploring, chats and giggles.

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