Eve is an online entrepreneur and creating fashion is her zone of genius, among many other things. She’s brilliant on Pinterest and is building a good following on Instagram. She is The Creative Curator, a website for anyone wanting to learn how to create their own amazing fashion pieces. She teaches how to sew, pattern cut and modify patterns.

So we needed fun, funky and practical personal branding photography to show her quirky personality and fashion skills. We met at Liverpool Street station and got straight into it with “girl about town” shots using backgrounds with funky colours that matched her brand. And because her site is very practical, we also needed to concentrate on showing her at work, so we headed to London Bridge. We finished off, with Eve on the floor putting a pattern together and surrounded by her tools. I think she forgot I was there and would have carried on if I hadn’t said we’d got the shots we needed.

Because personal branding photography is all about capturing personality, with every session I include a minute of letting all that wonderful personality burst out – perfect for your social media. Here’s a brief glimpse of what that looks like.

Personality shots for personal branding photography

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