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Do you avoid showing up online as much as you should, because your photos don’t match the quality of your brand? Or are you just so busy you don’t have time to be constantly thinking about where to find photos for your social media? Know. Like. Trust. It’s a mantra all entrepreneurs know. It starts with photos, but not just any photos, you need great photos!

My personal branding photography is, ironically, not just about being photographed. It’s you and I collaborating to tell your story.

We explore who you are, what you stand for and how you take on the world. We get into your personal style, what sets you alight, what chills you out, where you’re heading and why. We’re photographing your personality, your dreams and what makes you unique.

It’s not magic, but like magic, this brand infusion makes your images irresistible to your ideal client. Like they’ve just found their perfect match! It’s the key ingredient to attracting and connecting with clients who totally get you and absolutely have to work with you.

We plan locations, wardrobe, props and coffee breaks (!!). The icing on the cake? My awesome beauty team will have you super confident and ready to shine in an hour, and they’ll be on set for touch ups throughout your shoot.

Oh, and one last thing…I’ve photographed boudoir for years (mainly women over 40). Every one of those women has walked away feeling sensational and on a total high from the experience. If I can do that for women in their skimpies (over 40, 50 and a few over 60) who have lived and had several children…imagine what I can do for you, fully clothed and focused on your zone of genius?

Your personal branding photo shoot can be anywhere, but you’ll mostly find me in Brighton and London.

How does a Personal Branding Photo Shoot work?

Here’s what you get with your personal branding photography experience in Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent:

    • Discovery call to find out more about you and your brand, and how we can work together.
    • Branding questionnaire, so that I can get a feel for who you are, your vision and your brand.
    • Planning consultation, complete with mood boards.
    • Loads of help and advice on what to wear and, if you wish, a hair stylist and makeup artist to style you sensational.
    • A shoot that feels more like a creative, fun brainstorming day with your business besties.
    • A private online gallery to select the photographs that will do your selling for you.
    • A thorough “digital polishing” of your selected photos, which you can then download.
    • Digital images on USB.
    • The freedom of showing up online without hesitation… proud, happy and confident!


Let’s chat about what your personal branding photography shoot will look like. 0787 400 2853



“The idea of having a brand photoshoot was terrifying. I hate being in front of the camera, but I was at the point where I could no longer hide away. 

I answered Jane’s brand questionnaire as honestly as I could, and this paid off. Jane was incredible at creating a moodboard of ideas that truly reflected me, my personality, and the vibe I wanted to portray to attract the right customers. 

Shoot day was so much more fun than I ever imagined, but the real moment was when I received the photos. My heart was in my mouth as I opened the file and I had a tear in my eye looking through them. I looked good in every photo and Jane had captured the many sides of my personality. Serious, funny, daft, quirky, solemn. 

Each photo I’ve shared so far on social media has received almost double the engagement of other photos. My people are finally able to see a version of me that resonates with them, and I finally feel as though I’m showing up as my true self.”


“Working with Jane on my brand photography was a fantastic experience.

As someone who goes stiff as a board the second I’m in front of a camera, Jane was able to gently and clearly direct me to help me get the best photos and even managed to get me loosened up enough for the personality shoot! I have worked with several photographers, and found Jane to be so incredibly relaxed, easy and fun to work with.


“When my boyfriend commented the night before my photo shoot, “you seem incredibly calm”, I knew I’d chosen the right photographer.

From the start Jane made me feel I was in capable hands. I’m a bit of a control freak, so her processes and checklists were perfect for me! I had all the information and guidance I needed – Jane even advised me on colours to wear and created a mood board for inspiration.

On the day she took care of everything; she made me feel completely at ease and I was expertly guided in how to pose. Jane even explained why some poses were better than others. By the end I was moving into the correct positions naturally! The results speak for themselves, I’m so happy with the photos and can’t believe I look so at ease posing in public. I’ve a great selection of photos to use. I highly recommend Jane!”


“I hate having my photo taken and I hate thinking about all that goes with it. After Jane sent me a vision board I felt soooo much better about it all. During the shoot she kept me gently busy so that I didn‘t have time to feel uncomfortable or self conscious. And I bloody love my photos! I have never said that before.

I‘m really proud to put them on my website.”


“I’m really pleased with the results – and for someone who hates having their photograph taken that’s no mean feat!”

Personal Branding Photography


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