Michelle is a presentation confidence coach based in London. She helps anyone from fitness trainers to keynote speakers and PHD thesis presenters perform at their best. She is outgoing, bubbly, fun and business minded. Michelle’s website and social media are a colourful reflection of her and her values, so we designed her personal branding photo shoot in London with this in mind. It was always going to be a high energy day!

Michelle works from home, so we started in her office to show her hard at work, as well as chilling out reading a script. We then headed out to Camden for brightly coloured backgrounds and the buzzing cafe culture, followed by a trip to the Strand for theatre backgrounds and finished at Trafalgar Square.

One thing is for sure, Michelle is confidence personified, so her shoot was high energy, try anything and full of laughs. She even picked up some business during a coffee break from somebody who approached her after seeing us photographing!

See her personal branding photos in action on her website here!

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